Blackeagle Works 4 Million Man Hours Without a Lost Time Incident

BERTHOUD, Colo., Dec. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Blackeagle Energy Services (“Blackeagle”), a leader in the utility and energy industries, achieved a safety-performance milestone when it recently exceeded 4 million man hours without a lost time incident.

“We have a culture of caring at Blackeagle where every individual looks after one another,” said Scott Yenzer, Blackeagle’s SVP, who continued, “Working 4 million man hours without a lost time incident demonstrates our commitment to operating at the highest standards of care and performance.” Blackeagle’s Safety Director, Earl Worth, added, “We are extremely proud of our employees who work in challenging environments every day and stay safe by applying our safety systems, including the ‘Good Catch’ program where they proactively identify potential losses, record and correct them immediately.” To get your next project safely executed by Blackeagle. Click here:

The energy industry exists and executes projects from remote regions of the United States to the down town of its largest metropolitan cities.  Blackeagle’s ability to work safely and without incident on these high-profile projects has been a tremendous value to their customers.  “One safety metric is Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR),” said Earl Woth. “While the construction industry sits at an average of 3.6 TRIR, Blackeagle has achieved world-class safety performance with a 0.00 TRIR and averaged 0.27 TRIR over the last 5 years.”

About Blackeagle Energy ServicesExceeding client expectations since 1986, Blackeagle Energy Services is a premier provider of services to utility/energy companies and specializes in building and maintaining our nation’s energy  infrastructure with pipeline and facility construction, integrity management, field maintenance and fabrication. Headquartered in Colorado, Blackeagle has hub offices in Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. It operates in 17 states from the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf States and across the Great Plains.

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