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Blackeagle — a trusted partner assisting traditional and alternative energy clients navigate the energy transition.  Our crews provide civil, mechanical, and fabrication services to meet the growing reliance on renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biogas.  Decarbonized energy, much like traditional energy, can serve as both base and intermittent supply.  Utility companies, developers and investors rely on Blackeagle to support their energy production, distribution and storage.

methanization of biomass


Anaerobic Digesters • Gas Upgrade Systems • Pipeline Gathering and Transport Systems

Injection Facilities  • M & R Stations • Truck Load-Out Facilities

Renewable. Not New.

No longer considered a frontier technology, the renewable energy market is fast becoming a major player in our nation’s energy portfolio.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Methane (CH4) is collected from the decomposition of dairy cow manure, food waste and landfill refuse and is upgraded through a series of treatment processes to create pipeline-quality, carbon-negative RNG. The resultant RNG can then be used to provide heat, electricity, and even fuel for vehicles. For manure-only operations, beneficial by-products of the RNG production process include animal bedding and fertilizer that are returned to the dairy farm.

Blackeagle Is There. Blackeagle is experienced in all aspects of biogas production, from construction of anaerobic digesters to gas upgrade systems, to the infrastructure required to transport the pipeline-quality gas to the end-user. Blackeagle has completed biogas projects in multiple states, gaining valuable experience along the way — experience that can be applied to your next project.

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