Blackeagle Across the US

Founded thirty years ago in Colorado, Blackeagle now works with energy customers from the Rocky Mountain region, to the Gulf Coast, across the Great Plains and several Appalachian states. Blackeagle is headquartered in Berthoud, Colorado, where executive offices adjoin a state-of-the-art, 113,000-square-foot manufacturing plant. There, experienced engineers, designers, welders and other professionals team up to create superior products – from pressure vessels, and skidded products to structural steel components.

Focused on safety, quality, efficiency

Regional Offices Support Our Work

Blackeagle locations – NE, OK

We have an office in Kearney, Nebraska, and Noble, Oklahoma to support projects in the regions.

Serving customers across 17 states

Blackeagle goes where our customers need us. So our employees are busy operating in states where our customers have been active.

We’ve managed quality projects and delivered exceptional services in 17 states. Over the years, our steady growth has been driven by our professionalism and performance.

Blackeagle: Colorado Roots, National Footprint

  • Berthoud HQ


    Blackeagle is proud to call Berthoud home. Our headquarters city is about 45 miles north of Denver off of Interstate 25.

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  • Regional Offices


    We have have field offices in Kearney, Nebraska and Noble, Oklahoma.

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  • Community Role


    We get involved in the communities where our employees live, work and play. We hire local talent and we support local businesses, schools and are involved with many local charities.

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