Daily Transparency Builds Trust

We measure our performance every day. Every job has a scorecard where we record safety, quality and efficiency scores to determine any deviations from project expectations. We share those scorecards with our customers to encourage client involvement. We promise quality work and no surprises. Blackeagle’s proven project management approach provides 100% transparency for client customer inspectors. Transparency builds trust. Our customers trust us.

A Step Ahead of the Competition

Open Communication Benefits All

We also share our scorecards internally. We’re all in this together and we benefit from open communication and consistent review of performance among members of the Blackeagle team. Our internal reviews sometimes create a healthy competition between teams vying for highest scorecard results.

It is all about evaluating and improving our performance for customers. Our ongoing cost vs. budget analyses, operations assessments, and performance scorecards with metrics for quantifying safety, quality and efficiency define the professionalism that sets us apart from our competition.