Accountable to Customers And Each Other

At every level of Blackeagle Energy Services – from the field crew to the C-suite – we set high standards for safety, quality and efficiency. We measure our performance against those high standards, compiling weekly scorecards that are closely reviewed. The scorecards allow us to quickly identify and correct any sub-optimal performance to ensure that project goals are met. They also allow us to identify and reward high performers.

This accountability is driven by information. We set standards and continuously measure against those standards. We report our results and make adjustments as needed.


Measuring Performance Every Day

Empowered to Take Action

All Blackeagle employees are empowered with “Stop Work” authority. Every employee, regardless of length of service, is given the responsibility and accountability to take action when they feel safety is being compromised. This accountability is also reinforced through daily, weekly, and monthly safety meetings where all employees are required to attend and participate. Blackeagle also encourages accountability through rewards and recognition along with a progressive discipline program.