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Our clients have chosen the Blackeagle Pipeline Division to take on some of their most challenging projects. Our team of experienced and organized professionals has the ability to manage projects across the country. That helps keep costs in check as we deliver superior, on-time results. Services include pipeline installation, mainline pipe installation, bolt-ups/tie-ins, valve sets, earthwork, concrete piers, welding and much more.


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West Main Boulder County Pipeline Replacement Project

Project Statistics:

Replacement of existing 8-inch West Main pipeline transporting natural gas


The 8-inch pipeline was replaced with a 16-inch pipeline under West Main’s Integrity Management Program (IMP). Total pipe installed included 103,450 LF of 16-inch steel; 5,522 LF of 12-inch steel; 4,767 LF of 10-inch steel.


The project is in Boulder County, Colorado, and experienced a number of technical and logistical challenges. To minimize impact, Blackeagle installed 52 bores/directional drills, some as long 4,666 feet. Over the multiple locations of pipe installed, Blackeagle will have located, exposed and crossed 383 existing utility lines. Blackeagle continues to work ahead of schedule while maintaining the project’s standards for safety and quality.