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Our clients have chosen the Blackeagle Pipeline Division to take on some of their most challenging projects. Our team of experienced and organized professionals has the ability to manage projects across the country. That helps keep costs in check as we deliver superior, on-time results. Services include pipeline installation, mainline pipe installation, bolt-ups/tie-ins, valve sets, earthwork, concrete piers, welding and much more.


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Rocky Mountain Pipeline, Phase II

Project Statistics:

20 miles of 16-inch steel pipeline transporting crude oil


This crude oil pipeline represents the second phase of what will eventually be a 102-mile line transporting crude oil. This phase of the project extended the pipeline from 128th Avenue in Thornton, Colorado, through suburban Metro Denver, to Fort Lupton, Colorado.


The project had a number of technical and logistical challenges. The route traversed 14 wetlands, three major highways, and suburban neighborhoods. To minimize impact, Blackeagle employed 42 directional drills, some as long 1,600 feet. Over the 20-mile route, Blackeagle successfully crossed 333 existing utility lines, including oil, gas, and refined product with no incidents. Blackeagle employed the highest quality craft people to meet what was essentially a refinery standard for sour crude, under ASME Section IX. It consisted of five welding passes; a root bead, a hot pass, several fill passes, and a cap. Blackeagle completed over 2,000 X-rayed and approved welds on the project.