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Our clients have chosen the Blackeagle Pipeline Division to take on some of their most challenging projects. Our team of experienced and organized professionals has the ability to manage projects across the country. That helps keep costs in check as we deliver superior, on-time results. Services include pipeline installation, mainline pipe installation, bolt-ups/tie-ins, valve sets, earthwork, concrete piers, welding and much more.


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Tarin-Hunt Well Connects natural gas pipeline

Project Statistics:

Tarin: The project includes 10,000 LF of 10-inch steel well connect at the pad with above ground block valve and T, Launcher, Meter, and Laydown receiver with supports. Project included 1,700 LF of bores, 8,300 LF of open ditch, 38 PI’s and tie-in locations, while crossing two country roads and a state highway. Hunt: Includes 8,000 LF of 6-inch steel well connect at the pad with above ground block valve, meter header, 2 each 4 tube meters, 3-inch poly to steel connection, 300 LF of steel pipe and 1 each 2 tube meters. The project consisted of 800 LF of bores, 7,200 LF of open trench, 24 PI’s and tie-in locations.


The Tarin-Hunt Project connected the Tarin well pad and the Hunt well pad directly to AKA’s Gilcrest Facility.


The project required a compressed schedule with aggressive deadlines to enable post-construction farming. Blackeagle has exceeded all schedule deadlines despite heavy snowstorms. The project also has several very wet locations that required the construction of dams to mediate water flow in open trenches.