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An Industry Leader:
Blackeagle Energy Services

Exceeding client expectations since 1986, Blackeagle Energy Services is a premier provider of services to energy companies who want their projects done safely, on time, and in budget. We specialize in building and maintaining our nation’s energy infrastructure. Pipeline and facility construction, integrity management, field maintenance, and fabrication is what we do. From the Rocky Mountains, to the Gulf States, across the Great Plains and into the Northeast is where we do it. We follow a proven, systematic approach to building and maintaining your assets that reduces project risk and consistently produces desired outcomes for utility owners. It is this proven consistency, through the use of standard operating procedures, quality employees, and performance management systems, which makes Blackeagle Energy Services unique and the best choice for your next infrastructure project.

Commitment to Quality

What Makes Us Great?

Our promise to customers is to work safely and efficiently on every project. The promise goes beyond lip service—it is backed up by hard numbers. From our safety performance, which is among the best in the industry, to quality and production metrics, we provide weekly performance data on every project to ensure we deliver on our promise.






  • Markets


    We have expertise providing construction and maintenance services in natural gas transmission, refined products transmission and oil & gas.

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  • Products


    Leading energy companies turn to us for fabrication of pressure vessels, pig traps, structural steel and other quality components.

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  • Projects


    Whether constructing pipeline and facilities, performing pipeline integrity management services or field services, our experienced team has compiled an impressive list of successful projects we have completed for our customers.

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